Williams-Farmer Expands Staff for General Election

May 25th, 2011 · 1:32 pm @ J. Marshall Hughes  -  No Comments

The Williams-Farmer campaign is expanding its staff for the general election, adding Luke Marchant as Campaign Manager to run the day-to-day operations of the campaign.  Scott Jennings will serve as General Consultant and Senior Policy Advisor to the ticket. General Donald Storm will continue as the Campaign Chairman.

 “The campaign is expanding. We are adding a talented operative to manage the day-to-day functions of the campaign, including the political and voter turnout operations,” Jennings said, announcing the move.  “Luke’s experience in Texas and more recently as Political Director on Marco Rubio’s Senate campaign in Florida will be invaluable. Luke has experience organizing Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Tea Party members and others who will form the conservative coalition to vault Williams and Farmer into the governor’s office,” Jennings said, adding that he will remain involved in the strategy, messaging, communications, and policy aspects of the campaign.

 Marchant will be moving to Kentucky in the next few days. Prior to joining Marco Rubio’s official staff Marchant served as Political Director to Rubio’s U.S. Senate campaign in 2010. Before that he was Political Director for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot, and he served as Campaign Manager for Congressman Pete Olson and then Communications Director in Olson’s official office.  He also worked in the Texas Department of Agriculture and for U.S. Senator John Cornyn earlier in his career.

 “I am excited to join the already great team that ran a very successful primary campaign,” Marchant said. “After meeting with Scott and Senator Williams I am more convinced than ever that this is the right ticket to get Kentucky’s economy back on track. They have the ideas and passion to deliver prosperity to Kentucky families, and I’m coming to help achieve that goal.”

 The campaign had already hired two high level consulting firms that will stay for the general election. FP1 Strategies will continue to serve as the media vendor and GOT-FOCUS will continue as the campaign’s pollster.

 “This will likely not be the last expansion of the campaign. There is serious national interest in this race and people across the country have taken an interest in electing a solid, conservative ticket in Kentucky. We face major problems as a state and it is time for leaders who aren’t afraid to take the bold steps necessary to get us back on track,” Jennings said. “Williams and Farmer have the ideas and political courage to bring opportunity to every Kentucky community.”

 Jennings said the campaign will remain headquartered in Frankfort, and that fundraising operations are already well under way for the general election.

 “We are busy preparing for our event with Governor Haley Barbour on June 16, and already we are getting a tremendous response,” Jennings said. “Expanding the campaign with an operative like Luke Marchant will only add to the excitement.  It is a natural thing for successful primary campaigns to expand as they head into statewide general elections. We are excited to get an operative with Luke’s experience, talent and reputation to come here and add to what we have already built.”

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