Darla Lash Named Hometown Hero

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Hughes & Coleman and WBKO have teamed up to recognize South Central Kentuckians who embody the spirit of service, dedication, and concern for the well-being of their neighbors with the title of “Hometown Hero”.

These remarkable people are nominated by their peers and publicly recognized on television; their names, faces, and good works transmitted to a huge section of the Commonwealth. 

Darla Lash has worked for the Housing Authority of Bowling Green for the past 18 years, touching the lives of those in need in the area. Not only has she performed her normal duties at the Housing Authority, but she has also been involved with the Second Harvest Food Bank and the Fraternal Order of Police Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets.

She also organized the senior Christmas party at the Housing Authority and the toilet paper drive, which collected more than 4,000 rolls for the residents of the Housing Authority. Co-Worker T.J. Shockley-Hunt says that even though Darla is retiring, you can bet she will still be involved in all of her old projects.

The reason Darla says she is involved in all of these things is because she herself has never wanted for anything, and she wants to help others feel the same. For the residents, Darla not only made sure that they were taken care of, but she also provided them with a loving smile and a gentle touch to encourage them during difficult times.

In July, the Housing Authority held a retirement party for Darla to honor her years of service that drew a standing-room only sized crowd who came to thank her for all that she has done.

Darla says that the work will continue to be done, because she had great helpers along the way who are still there to take care of those in need.

From: http://www.wbko.com/home/headlines/Darla_Lash_Honored_as_Hometown_Hero_128106773.html

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