Courier Journal Reports New Texting Bill

January 27th, 2010 · 8:58 pm @ J. Marshall Hughes  -  No Comments

Last month Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear issued an executive order banning state workers from driving while texting while driving government-owned vehicles. The Courier Journal reported that a bill that would make it illegal for all Kentucky motorists to send text messages while driving passed the House Transportation Committee yesterday. The bill will now go to the full House of Representatives where House Speaker Greg Stumbo said he believes a texting ban will be approved.  (Read more at

 Hughes & Coleman enacted a similar policy back in early 2009 banning employees from texting or using hand-held devices while driving company vehicles. This was an important decision since we see so many car wrecks caused by careless driving. Drivers need to have their full attention on the road, and to surrounding drivers. We hope other companies will follow our lead and adopt similar policies for their employees.

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