Taking away a gold mine of information

June 4th, 2014 · 6:22 pm @ J. Marshall Hughes  -  No Comments

With the M&L Legal Marketing and Management Summer Legal Forum right around the corner, my staff is reviewing all the gold mine of information we have received so far from our attendees. “Gold mine?” you might ask…. Well yes! I consider this information a real treasure.

There are three sessions at the upcoming conference where we assign “homework” to the firms. If you don’t send in your homework, then you don’t get to participate. It’s pretty simple. One of the sessions is the Best and Worst. This is always one of our most popular portions. We ask the firms to tell us what is the best and worst financial, advertising and employment processes they have implemented in the last six months. The reason this session is so beneficial is because we take away ideas of how we can do things better….what has been working for other law firms just like ours. But on the other hand, we also learn things that haven’t worked for other lawyers. Maybe there are new pieces of technology that sound too good to be true that another law firm has tried using, only to find out it was full of empty promises. Or, a new procedure that is working well for a law firm that helps them keep in touch with their clients better. Whatever the case, it is one segment of the seminar that every attendee seems to benefit from.

So, attendees, if you have not turned in your homework, you need to! And if you haven’t signed up for the Summer Legal Forum, there are a few spots left. You can learn more about the seminar and register at www.mlmeeting.com.

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