Update on Deadly Kentucky Crash

March 31st, 2010 · 9:44 pm  →  Posts

New information is coming out about last Friday’s devastating crash on Interstate 65. The Courier Journal reports that the Alabama trucking company whose tractor-trailer slammed into the van Friday has such a bad history of driver violations that it “should not have been on the road,” says the top safety executive for the American Trucking [...]

Kentucky Misses Educational Grants

March 30th, 2010 · 8:26 pm  →  Posts

The Obama administration said Monday it is awarding Race To The Top education grants to only two states, Delaware and Tennessee, leaving Kentucky out of the first round of the $4.35 billion program.
The Race To The Top program — part of President Obama’s economic stimulus package — is designed to encourage educational reform by rewarding [...]

Black Boxes Could Be Required Since Toyota Recall

March 29th, 2010 · 4:13 pm  →  Posts

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is considering requiring all new vehicles be sold with “black boxes”. The boxes (officially titled “event data recorders”) gather information in the event of a crash. Such data can include information on speed, air bag deployment, seat belt use, and brake and gas pedal positions. The latest Toyota [...]

Fatal Wreck On Interstate 65

March 26th, 2010 · 3:28 pm  →  Posts

At least 10 people were killed in a wreck on Interstate 65 near Munfordville this morning, a spokesman for the Kentucky State Police said. Hart County 911 dispatcher Kathy Tyree says the collision occurred at 5:16 a.m. CDT near the 63 mile-marker.
A department of transportation official said a southbound semi-truck crossed the median and crashed [...]

Louisville Zoo Train Wreck Report Released

March 25th, 2010 · 7:23 pm  →  Posts

On June 1, 2009, one of the trains at the Louisville Zoo overturned injuring 22 of the 30 people aboard. The Zoo has been fined $37,000 for six violations leading to this accident. The final report on the accident was released today from The Kentucky Department of Agriculture. The report gives a detailed description of [...]

Dangerous Diabetes Test Strips

March 24th, 2010 · 9:57 pm  →  Posts

LifeScan, Inc., and the FDA are notifying health care professionals and consumers of a recall involving eight lots of OneTouch SureStep Test Strips used by people with diabetes to measure their blood glucose levels at home. The test strips may give falsely low glucose results.
The recall affects approximately 14,000 packages of the test strips primarily [...]

Top Five Reasons For Filing Bankruptcy

March 23rd, 2010 · 4:06 pm  →  Posts

Investopedia recently released the top five reasons Americans have to declare bankruptcy:
1. Medical Expenses — A recent study shows that this is the biggest cause of bankruptcy, representing 62% of all personal bankruptcies.
2. Job Loss — Those who are unable to find similar employment may not be able to recover from the lack of income in [...]

Blood Clot Medicine Plavix Receives Black Box Warning

March 22nd, 2010 · 6:52 pm  →  Posts

Plavix is prescribed to reduce the risk of heart attack, unstable angina, stroke, and cardiovascular death in patients with cardiovascular disease. Plavix works by decreasing the activity of blood platelets, making the platelets less likely to form blood clots.
A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) black box warning has been added to Plavix. This warning alerts [...]

Over 1 Million High Chairs Recalled

March 18th, 2010 · 6:29 pm  →  Posts

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the voluntary recall of the high chairs made by Graco Children’s Products, Inc., of Atlanta, Ga. “Screws holding the front legs of the high chair can loosen and fall out,” the regulatory agency said, adding that cracking plastic brackets could also cause the chair to “tip over unexpectedly.”
The affected [...]

Free Easter Egg Hunt

March 17th, 2010 · 9:29 pm  →  Posts

The date has been set for the 5th Annual Hughes & Coleman Easter Egg Hunt at Chaney’s Dairy Barn on Nashville Road in Bowling Green. This event will be on Sunday, March 28th at 3:00 PM. This year we are hiding 15,000 eggs for the little ones to find, all filled with treats or candy. [...]